Farm Visits by Appointment Only

The Barkley's Mill Gourmet Corn Grits Mill

Our mill house and gristmill are truly a work of art! Both are handcrafted by a fourth-generation miller whom we commissioned not realizing the craftsmanship we were about to witness.

Each board was cut specifically for the mill, and the parts for the gristmill were pieces from our own millwright collection dating back to the turn of the 20th century. Our mill house is dedicated solely to the slow stone-grinding and storing of our non-GMO and gluten-free heirloom white corn grits.

Here we crib dry the corn, shuck it, hand-select each and every ear of corn we stone-grind, pack some, run some through an old-style bolter, pack some more, and then cold store our stone-ground grits in a 0 (zero) degree freezer awaiting your order.