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The Family

Our Southern Cross Farm & Barkley's Mill Timeline


1985       Barkley Family relocates to Asheville,  Fourth Quarter

1985        Barkley Toyota Store Opened, Tunnel  Road,  Fourth Quarter

1986        Southern Cross Farm purchased June [Formerly historic Carter Farm] 

1986        Barkley Family moves into renovated farm home,  November

1987        Barkley Toyota store relocated to present site, Brevard Road October

1988        Mill pond  constructed using historic farm spring

1988        Construction of new home  'Kleymont'  begins

1988        Limousin cattle  introduced

1990        Kleymont completed and occupied, June

2000        Farmland added, north boundary

2001        "Cash Cows"  introduced

2002        New cattle and machinery barns constructed

2002        South African Boar meat goats introduced

2004        Brown and Wyatt properties  added, May/June

2005        Farm Wedding, Daughter Ashley, June

2006        Historic Carter/Swain  spring house restored

2008        Farm Wedding, Daughter Auburn, June

2011        New wells and upgraded  water system  completed, August

2011        Beginning of Mill concept,  planning and 1919 Williams Mill purchased

2012        Barkley Mill House  and machinery renovation begun by comissioned millwright

2012        Renewable Energy Introduced at Kleymont, Solar '12 and Thermo '13

2013        Major addition to farm lands for growing heritage grain, West boundary

2014        First Quarter, Barkley Mill completed and NC State approval obtained