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Barkley's Mill Gourmet Grits Philosophy

“A life lived significantly is not one of circumstance,
as much as it was of unfailing dedication of choice.”
—The Gerson Miracle

At Barkley’s Mill, we recognize that you have many choices when selecting the right grits for your family. The difference between Barkley’s Mill stone-ground gourmet grits and other brands of grits is in the choices we have made and continue to make in our efforts to give you exactly what we have promised. These choices reflect not only what we believe in our business, but also what we believe in our daily lives. The two are a direct reflection of each other. At Barkley’s Mill we are family. We are friends. We are a community working together whose roots run deep and trust holds strong. We, too, recognize our “unfailing dedication of choice,” and you can taste the difference in our stone-ground, heirloom corn seed, gourmet corn grits. We take our farm-to-table goodness very seriously.

Go ahead, try a spoonful or won’t regret it!

Certified Gluten-freeNon-GMO VerifiedAppalachian Grown