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About Barkley's Mill Gourmet Corn Grits

Our Story

Barkley’s Mill is founded on the centuries old traditions of millers and millwrights. Following these traditions, the Barkley's mill house was built by hand in 2012 from hand milled, “dried on the stand hemlock” wood. Additionally, Barkley’s Mill is intrinsically linked to the grand milling traditions in our nation’s history by the various abandoned workings of the P.D. Landers Mill we have restored and included in our family's mill house. The Landers Mill workings included the century old Fitz overshot waterwheel which now powers our dual 1919 Williams Stone Burr Gristmills and their flywheel.

Unlike modern mills, Barkley’s Mill preserves the 100% naturally robust flavor and nutrition of our gourmet corn grits the old fashioned way – through our slow-grinding, hydro-powered gristmills; hand-selecting each ear of heirloom corn for grinding; and dedicating our facilities (located in Buncombe County, North Carolina) to only storing and stone-grinding our heirloom gourmet white corn grits. We also went through the intensive process of gaining both non-GMO and gluten free (NSF) certifications from third parties. This dedication to quality and detail makes our Appalachian grown certified, heirloom corn seed, stone ground, gourmet white corn grits “mmm, so good!”

Certified Gluten-freeVerified Non-GMOAppalachian Grown