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Gourmet Bolted Stoned Happy Grits

Bolted Stoned Happy Grits are made possible by growing, hand-selecting, water-wheel running, and stone-grinding our non-GMO and gluten-free, gourmet, heirloom corn seed, Hickory King Dent White Corn on our family farm located in Weaverville, North Carolina.

  • 2 lb. cloth bags of Bolted (or Sifted) Gourmet White Corn Grits.
  • $18 plus shipping.
  • Heirloom, non-GMO hickory king corn seed for our grits.
  • Appalachian Grown Certified.
  • Pesticide, Preservative, and Chemical free.

  • Bolted grits make for a hearty yet less chunky texture than our Unbolted grits. The difference between the two is that our Appalachian grown certified, family farm harvested, bolted or sifted gourmet white corn grits are sifted through an old-style bolter to remove the larger pieces of corn and corn kernel skins left by the corn's pass through our gristmill. Both result in texture and flavor that surpasses any other brand's machine-ground and sifted quick-grits or pre-cooked instant grits. If boiled, our corn grits can take 20-22 minutes to cook thoroughly into a soft and mostly smooth texture during which time you can add seasoning or add items for the flavor to fit your taste buds such as butter, sugar (both white and brown), salt, fruit or even other vegetables. However, you can also cook them for a shorter time period to maintain a firmer and grittier (more coarse) texture.

    Barkley’s Mill Stone-ground grits do not use any preservatives. Store our Stone-ground grits in your freezer (not the pantry) to prolong their freshness.

    When you order, you will receive an email notification first confirming your order and once again when your order has shipped.

    *North Carolina's 2% food tax is collected only when you are purchasing from our home state of North Carolina.