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The Barkley's Mill Difference: What Makes Our Stone Ground Heirloom Grits So Good

December 20, 2016

Barkleys Mill-creamy-stone-ground-grits-with-butter

At Barkley's Mill, we are proud to say that our mouthwatering Stoned Happy Grits are made from gourmet-quality, heirloom, non-GMO (non-genetically modified) and gluten-free corn. Our corn is also pesticide and chemical-free. To bring you this quality, we pride ourselves in practicing sustainable farming methods like no-till plowing and cover crops that protect the environment. While we are not certified as an organic grower, we fully practice organic farm methods and have done so since our beginning.


What kind of corn do you use for your grits?

We grow an heirloom corn variety called Hickory King Dent white corn. When we set out to make grits, we felt it was most important to choose for flavor. Heirloom corn that goes back many generations, Hickory King Dent white corn prevailed as our top choice and is an open-pollinated, versatile choice for grits, hominy and roasting corn.

Barkleys Mill-non GMO-heirloom-corn-Hickory-King-Dent

Does Barkley’s Mill grow its own corn?

While many larger mills “farm out” their corn-growing and other processes, we promise to only stone-grind the corn that we grow on Southern Cross Farm at Barkley’s Mill. This way, we maintain control of quality through oversight, ensuring that we have fully and completely met standards of excellence in the growing, selection and milling processes and that our gluten-free and non-GMO promises will not be compromised.


What are your methods at Barkley’s Mill?

Our milling methods are well researched, time-honored, old-fashioned and carefully practiced. We’ve gone back to gourmet-quality heirloom white corn in order to find a truly robust natural flavor to delight your palate. In order to preserve the natural flavor and heirloom nature of our corn, we’ve gone through the process of growing the corn ourselves. We’ve also arranged and plowed our own fields in a way to allow for open or natural pollination while preventing cross-pollination from other varieties of corn or other vegetables. Once our corn reaches maturity, we harvest it and shuck it by hand in the field. Only the highest quality corn is carefully selected and then transferred to the crib where it slowly and naturally air-dries. When the ears are dried, they are sorted again by hand, with only the finest ones selected for the shelling process.

Barkleys Mill-non GMO-heirloom-corn-Hickory-King-Dent

Is your grinding and milling process different from commercial mills?

Unlike modern mills, Barkley’s Mill preserves the 100% naturally robust flavor and nutrition of our grits by slowly stone-grinding our seed on our hydro-assisted gristmill. The heat generated by this slow grinding process is greatly reduced; therefore, every spoonful of our grits contains more nutrients than those made using high-heat milling techniques.

Barkleys Mill-stone-ground-grits-gristmill-non GMO

Do Barkley’s Mill grits contain additives?

We add no preservatives or artificial flavoring so that our grits have a 100% all-natural flavor. We are able to do this by cool storing our grits at 0 (zero) degrees Fahrenheit in our freezer dedicated to our non-GMO and gluten-free grits to await your order. This amount of delicate care dramatically increases the quality of our products to be the very best.


What is the Barkley’s Mill guarantee?

We’re so sure you’ll find our grits to be truly award winning that we offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee trusting that each and every customer will be fully satisfied and testify that Barkley's Mill gourmet stone-ground grits are just about the best thing you've ever tasted!