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Gloriously Gluten Free: Grits by Barkley’s Mill

May 29, 2018

Barkley’s Mill heirloom, stone-ground grits are made with heart and by hand. We use only non-GMO Hickory King Dent corn. Because grits are 100% gluten-free, they are a healthy and yummy addition to pretty much every dish.

Our grits are always creamy in texture and so smooth on the taste buds, even naked!

Let our grits gladly take the place of pasta and bread, even rice. See what happens! Add fresh garden herbs, spices, and fancy salt to zing up the flavors. You simply can’t go wrong with the addition of cream, butter, cheese, or your favorite oil!

And if you want to really enhance the luscious factor, try our Creamy Country Grits recipe. Or try our Buttermilk Stone-ground Grits recipe that was featured in Southern Living.

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