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Celebrate Super Bowl LI with a Grits Bar!

January 31, 2017


Thinking about a Super Bowl party? What are you going serve? Stumped for an original game plan? We have just the thing. A GRITS BAR! That’s right! A serve-yourself, make-your-own-creation kind of buffet. The set up's a breeze. Here’s how it works.

First, make a big batch of grits. The simplest way to prepare grits for a crowd is in a crock pot. Totally plug and play. Check out our recipe for Basic Crockpot Grits. You can triple or quadruple the recipe (friends will loan you extra crock pots). Serve from the crock pot too—it’ll keep grits warm for hours.

Next up, deciding what to serve on those grits. We have just the thing. A crazy delicious recipe we’ve posted to commemorate Super Bowl LI—the battle between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.


We’re calling our commemorative recipe Coca-Cola Boston Butt BBQ. Get it? Hehehe. This is pulled pork and it’s dang good. It even makes its own awesome sauce. Dish this heavenly BBQ on grits with a dollop of coleslaw, some dill pickles, and chopped onions. Classic BBQ flavors. Oh, and you can make it and serve it in a crockpot too. Double score!


Now all that’s left are the toppings. Here’s when to run the More-the-Merrier Play. The more things you set out, the merrier your guests will be coming up with fun grits bowl creations. Here are a few suggestions   

  • CHEESE, like grated Cheddar, Swiss, Parmesan, pepper jack—also crumbled feta and blue cheese
  • Sliced SCALLIONS—white and green parts
  • Sliced or diced ONION (get fancy, marinate them in a combo of vinegar, salt, sugar)
  • Diced TOMATOES
  • JALAPEÑO pepper slices
  • Black OLIVES
  • Diced red and green BELL PEPPER
  • Cole SLAW or shredded CABBAGE
  • Roasted CORN (broil or grill ears, cut off the kernels)
  • Crispy tart PICKLES, like pickled okra, pickled beets, kosher half sours
  • Fresh HERBS like cilantro, parsley, basil
  • SEASONINGS like chunky sea salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, Old Bay
  • PEPPER SAUCES like Tabasco, Salsa Valentina, Frank’s Red Hot, Sriracha
  • MEATS like bacon, smoked ham, country ham, sausage crumbles, kielbasa

You can set out different kinds of dishes—large, small, flat, deep—and let folks choose their grits bar experience. If you’re feeling it, also set out a big bowl of mixed greens and salad dressings. Everything on the bar will work on a salad too!

So go out there and dominate the field! Make your Super Bowl party one they’ll want to replay for years. GO GRITS BAR!